Monday, April 15, 2024

Uber Launches the New Delivery Interface, Uber Connect in Pakistan

The launch of Uber Connect, a delivery technology solution that allows users to send/receive shipments and request deliveries via the Uber app, was announced by Uber in Pakistan. The additional service will further help the growing community of customers and drivers who have come to rely on the technology business especially as a second COVID-19 wave is being dealt with by the Country.

Uber Connect is Uber Delivery’s latest interface that was launched in Pakistan earlier this year in response to new customer demands created by countrywide lockdown measures. Uber Connect, in contrast, is a more advanced and diverse new delivery product that provides two types of services: one where users can send packages to and from friends and family, and the other is a stop and shop service such as Delivery, where drivers are able to pick up orders from local stores and pharmacies on behalf of customers. Uber Connect aims to keep users linked while promoting social distancing by enabling the everyday activities of users across the app.

“Pakistan is one of a handful of countries throughout the Middle East and Africa to launch Uber Connect, based on the success of our delivery service earlier this year,” said Saad Naveed Pall, General Manager at Uber Pakistan. “We are proud to be able to leverage our technical skills and creativity to design new services that not only provide customers with ease, but also provide drivers with better economic opportunities. The launch of Uber Connect is part of our ongoing efforts to keep our neighborhoods healthy and functioning in the new normal, and we will continue to move forward and adapt with evolving customer trends.”

In 3 cities Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Uber Connect is currently available and can be accessed from the Uber app. For a good delivery, packages must be under 15kg in weight, under PKR 3,000 in monetary value and tightly sealed by consignors. Senders can also ask couriers via Uber Connect to purchase groceries, laundry pick-ups, or other small items on their behalf.

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