Friday, April 19, 2024

Umair Jaswal partners with Free Fire to bring a new perspective on career choices for youngsters

We’ve all heard the running phrase, “Khelo ge kudo ge, banoge kharab. Parho ge likho ge, banoge Nawab”. Playing will make you bad, study and work hard, you’ll become a king.

A message that our elderly have placed upon us and the generation before them. This has been what has driven our people to push themselves over things that they are never interested in. People choose careers they never liked, working in fields they don’t enjoy working in. This has caused major confusion in the hearts of the youth.

But not anymore, for years now, the world has seen the Esports industry to be a major career option for the talented. But this culture was never accepted and understood in Pakistan, mostly because of the belief that the above phrase had injected into the hearts of millions of Pakistani.

With the coming of the mobile game, Free Fire, into Pakistan the energy and the excitement of Esports suddenly came to life. Talented youngsters and gamers found this is a good opportunity to take up Esports finally as a career.

With the launch of the Free Fire Pakistan League (FFPL). A lot of gamers got a chance to display their talents in the game and the competition saw a huge response and participation of these talented youngsters, the future of Pakistan’s Esports industry seems bright. This initiative got interest from a lot of big names across the country. Including that of Umair Jaswal, one of Pakistan’s premier rock singers.

Now, with the coming of the tournament, The BIGO FFPL II. The organizers are bringing more energy, more excitement and Pakistan’s gamers are more active then they were ever before! Umair Jaswal is partnering with the organizers to bring you the FFPL II theme song that focuses on the idea that, “Khelo ge kudo ge bano ge kharab” is an old concept and Umair Jaswal is bringing a new idea that this can be changed to “Khelo ge kudo ge bano ge Nawab”. This is the main premise of his theme song and the beat and lyrics are extremely empowering for the youth of Pakistan.

The teaser is out now and can be viewed here. The full song is expected to launch on 27th August at 6PM on the Free Fire Esports Pakistan YouTube Channel and we’re super excited for it’s launch!

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