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Umar Shareef Rejected US Citizenship a while ago, by arguing “Pakistan’s Passport is the Strongest Passport, he already has”, Son

A condolence event was held yesterday in the memory of the legend Umar Sharif at Arts Council Karachi, Pakistan. However, the whole nation along with the people of South Asia grieved for the great loss of his death. It’s been more than a couple of weeks now but still people are praising and organizing the honoring events in memory of Umar Sharif.

At the recent event held at Arts Council, Karachi the son of Umar Sharif, Jawad, was invited as the guest of honor and while speaking to the audience, he stated that his father was a great man. Indeed the whole nation knows that how lively and great personality he was.

Mr Jawad revealed a very patriotic decision of his father that he had himself witnessed in the United States of America. He stated that, “A few years back I was with my father in the USA where the mayor of Houston offered the honorary citizenship to my father. However, my father refused to take that citizenship by arguing that in his opinion the passport of Pakistan was the strongest one in the world. My father said some remarkable words to him that,

‘I will live in Pakistan, I will die in Pakistan. I will not live in any other country.’

This statement has made the nation more proud of the King of Comedy who was a true patriot and always stands by Pakistan at every international forum by representing the whole nation with pride and honor.

Mehjabeen Qasim
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