Thursday, December 7, 2023

Unity Foods and JDC have Collaborated and Organized a Grand Launch Ceremony of Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan, an Event Organized by Adpulse

Unity Foods and JDC Foundation have launched the biggest campaign to eradicate malnutrition across the country and jointly they organized a grand launch ceremony of Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App at a local hotel that was attended by Air Vice Marshal Khalid Mahmood, Air Vice Marshal Husain, Shehzad Memon (Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh), Director General NADRA, Anees Khan, Chairman EPZ, Saifuddin Junejo, Chairman Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan Idrees Gigi,
Murad Soni, and dignitaries from different walks of life including businessmen, entrepreneurs, bankers, industrialists, and others.

This platform is in line with the company’s single-minded vision of countering the pressing issue of food insecurity in Pakistan, especially in light of the socio-economic circumstances in which the country has been entangled. Through this platform, we aim to support the underprivileged community by providing them with high-quality ration supplies so they too may lead healthier, happier lives. Together we can make a Taqatwar Pakistan.

Governor Sindh, Muhammad Kamran Khan Tessori said that it is ironic that we are running around the world to acquire the monetary help of one or two billion dollars. It is necessary to find the right direction to reach the destination. We have not become a good nation or a good human being. We are divided into different factions, and we have lost the identity as a Pakistani nation. How pitiful is that Aqeel Karim Dadi, Zafar Abbas, Farrukh Amin, and others are doing the work that is supposed to be done by the state.

Provincial Minister of Sindh, Nasir Hussain Shah, said that it is a big project indeed and we are all on the same page to work together for this divine cause. Such thought and courage come from Allah who paves the way to accomplish the task.

Speaking on this auspicious occasion, Chief Executive Officer Unity Foods, Farrukh Amin said that our vision and commitment is to eradicate malnutrition and food insecurity in Pakistan. One of the important steps to achieving food security is providing food items that are physically and economically accessible to the public. Taqatwar Pakistan project is not a fundraising program but the project aims to deliver ration to the homes of white-collar people without compromising their self-respect and ego. The same items in the ration will be supplied to them through courier, which is used by us. We are not making people beggars but we tend to strengthen charity.

He said that Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world in wheat production. We produce 3 crores Tons of wheat, yet there is a shortage of wheat in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country with a population of 22 million and it is suffering from malnutrition more than African countries. Around 8 crore people in Pakistan do not have food and 2 million ration packets provide food security to 5% of the country’s total population. Due to malnutrition and poor diet, we will lose the workforce. We will have people unable to move and work. Our population is suffering from a deficiency of vitamin D, iron, and other minerals and vitamins.

CEO Farrukh Amin added that our mission is to ensure food supply to sustain life and introduce new products with better quality because Unity Foods believes in the best nutrition for our minds and body. All Sunridge products are wholesome nutrition for the whole family, enriched with the goodness of Iron, Zinc, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12. Over 15 million children under the age of 5 are malnourished. This leads to wasting, stunting, and undernutrition because of the limited physical and mental development of these children. Sunridge Foods embarked on a journey, a promise, a movement to eradicate malnutrition in the country for a brighter and prosperous future.

Renowned businessman Aqeel Karim Didi said that the Taqatwar Pakistan App will benefit the needy. Everyone should actively participate in charity. Helping people does not reduce wealth, but Allah blesses the deed of kindness.

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