Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Unknown Individuals Also Registered a Fourth Vehicle in London in Nawaz Sharif’s Name.

Unknown individuals also registered a fourth vehicle in London in the name of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The City of London Police are investigating to find the conspirators, but a fourth vehicle has now been registered in Nawaz Sharif’s name.

The purpose of registering the vehicles in Nawaz Sharif’s name, according to Nawaz Sharif’s London office, may be to link him to Nawaz Sharif by committing crimes.

According to the London office, vehicles registered in Nawaz Sharif’s name can be used for terrorism, fraud, and criminal activities.

The registration of the fourth vehicle was also reported to the police by Khurram Butt of Nawaz Sharif’s London office.

The issue of vehicle registration was brought to light recently when the DVLA sent Avenfield the details of registered vehicles in Nawaz Sharif’s name. Another vehicle was registered in Nawaz Sharif’s name.

The third vehicle registered to Nawaz Sharif was discovered when a traffic violation fine was issued.

In this regard, Khurram Butt stated that some miscreants are attempting to use Nawaz Sharif’s name for criminal purposes, and that those who register vehicles in the names of others will be apprehended soon.

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