Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Unpaid Commission Case Against UK Travel Agency, Won By PIA I UK Top Court

Headed by Lord Reed and Lord Hodge (deputy president), lord Lloyd, Lord Kichin, Lord burrows, a five-judge bench, passed a judgement, which said that cutting ticket allocation of UK Times Travel y PIAC was not a disgraceful step.

Lord Lloyd, Lord Reed, and Lord Kichin agreed with the lead judgment given by Lord Hodge, while Lord Burrows gave a concurring judgement as information given On UK Supreme court website.

In 2011 and 2012 the issue arose when TT and other certain travel agencies alleged that PAIC was not paying certain commissions. Following this PAIC in 2012 gave TT a new contract and a notice of terminating the old ones. This contract had a waiver by TT agency of its declaration of unpaid commissions under the earlier arrangements. The new contract was signed by TT agency but in 2014 they were brought forward again to cover the previous unpaid commissions under previous contracts.

On Wednesday the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal filed by the local travel agency agaist PAIC over a new contract for sales of tickets to Pakistan in 2012.

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