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Unwrapping ‘Spotify Wrapped 2022’

#SpotifyWrapped and #Wrapped2022 are two of the many equally intriguing hashtags that started trending all over social media globally on Nov 30 and for many days onwards. Spotify is taking its most anticipated moment of the year – Wrapped – to focus on self expression and play in new and surprising ways. 2022 Wrapped is going both ways – celebrating the two-way connections that bring millions of creators and fans together through audio each and every day. 

‘Wrapped’ is a Spotify feature that shows insights and usage patterns at individual, local and global levels, including top artists, top tracks, genres, and top 100 most streamed tracks of each user, besides determining their ‘Music Personality’ based on their choices. Wrapped is released every year and Spotify users eagerly wait for it, partially engaged by a preceding ‘guessing game’ on social media about who will land the coveted top artist or top song slots for the year.

‘Wrapped’ Insights are presented in the form of brightly colored engaging graphics that can be easily shared across all social media platforms. This campaign serves as the latest in a series of playful and interactive in-app experiences launched this year, which focuses on delighting users with fun and surprising moments, tapping into organic and relevant cultural conversations, and enabling users to express themselves. 

Music Personality

Wrapped begins by talking about the music personality of users based on their choice of artists and music. A personality type is assigned on the basis of the user’s tendency or the lack of it to discover new music, the average age of tracks and the range of artists listened to, and the commonality or uniqueness of the music choice among several other benchmarks. Each personality type has unique attributes that come neatly listed on an artistically designed graphic and can go straight to your Facebook/Instagram story, Twitter or  WhatsApp  for fun engagement from kith and kin. Fans can also unlock a personalized Snapchat lens that reflects their Listening Personality and enjoy special Wrapped-themed apparel for Bitmojis anywhere they are available, as well as custom Wrapped-themed GIFs across all GIPHY partners.

New Data Stories to Express Your Year in Audio: In addition to your top artists, genres, songs, podcasts and minutes listened, Your Listening Personality is a new, playful feature that not only tells you about the music you listen to but what that says about your music taste. Fans will learn which of 16 different Spotify-created Listening Personality types they are, based on their 2022 listening trends. Additionally, Audio Day isan interactive story that gives you a peek into how your music taste evolves throughout the day. Check out Spotify’s For the Record to learn more.   

Top 100 Songs

An avid music enthusiast may listen to thousands of songs during a year but a few are closer to the heart. Spotify lists down the top 100 songs for the year for each user to give them a wholesome playlist to hold on to. It might come as far more valuable to listeners labeled as ‘devotees’ per their music personality, while others might like to explore newer and more experimental numbers and genres during the new year.

Perhaps the most awaited features are the trends and Wrapped would be incomplete without bringing the local and international music trends of the year into the light.

Top Artist

With the local and global music landscapes getting richer with new talent each year, it is hard to tell which single artist is your favorite. However, Spotify can help you find out based on how much time you allocated listening to each of your favorite artists.

If we consider the number of streams as user votes, Puerto Rican rapper and singer, ‘Bad Bunny’ is the ultimate Music King of our age. Came as a surprise? No, because it is the third title in a row for the ‘Efecto’ singer, whose songs were streamed globally a whopping 18.5 billion times during 2022. Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd, and BTS claimed the rest of the five positions respectively. And closer to home, our own Atif Aslam emerged as the most streamed artist in and from Pakistan.  

Top Song

Almost each one of us has a song or piece of music that is attached to a cherished memory or a loved one and we have it on an unbroken play to remain in the hold of that moment forever. That one song would definitely be your ‘Top Song’ for being played the most number of times during the year.  There were top song results for fans clocking in thousands of times during 2022.

Globally the most-streamed song of 2022 isHarry Styles international hit As It Waswith more than 1.6 billion streams globally this year. In the second and third spots respectively, are Heat Waves byGlass Animals (#2)  and for the second year running, STAY (with Justin Bieber)byThe Kid LAROI (#3). The fourth and fifth spots both come from Bad Bunny with Me Porto Bonito(#4) and Tití Me Preguntó(#5) rounding out the list. The ubiquitous ‘Pasoori’ by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill deservingly clinched the top spot in Pakistan and to be honest, we saw this coming! ‘Excuses by AP Dhillon,Gurinder Gill, andIntense, and ‘Bikhra’ by Abdul Hannan and Rovalio took the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.  

If the global buzz created by Wrapped means anything, Spotify is providing a conducive platform for the expression and conservation of thousands of cultures and languages across the globe. For several successful years now, it has used music as a conduit for the exchange of cultures between different societies to bring them closer to celebrate diversity and commonness alike, just as they tolerate and celebrate the uniqueness of their musical personalities. So go on, check your Wrapped for 2022 and share the exciting insights about your music preferences with friends and family and know about theirs to celebrate music for love, friendship and togetherness. 

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