Friday, June 14, 2024

Upto 90% of JobSeekers’ CV are Rejected in UAE

Due to a variety of reasons, but mostly because the CVs are poorly written by the applicants, up to 90% of applications from UAE job seekers are rejected in the first round and never get to the hiring manager.

According to recruitment and HR consultants, large organisations in the UAE have reportedly implemented artificial intelligence (AI) systems to sift through the hundreds of CVs they receive each day from potential employees.

Hence, the likelihood that a CV will not reach its intended recipient or the desired position is fairly high if it is not correctly formatted, presented, and emailed.

The most qualified candidates are brought to the hiring manager’s attention in a matter of minutes thanks to AI tools, according to Mayank Patel, vice president of sales for Eastern Europe, and Mena, country head for Adecco Middle East.

AI tools not only shorten the time-consuming screening process but also sift through candidates based on their skills rather than a personal preference.  

“A hiring manager receives approximately 200 resumes a day or even more.”

“Due to AI screening, the system analyses the criteria set by the hiring manager and filters down applications to around 10 percent to 20 percent of those to be contacted for the next round of screening,” Patel said

In addition, “around 20 percent of candidates make it to the hiring manager’s lens.”

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