Sunday, April 14, 2024

US Dollar Record Massive Gain Against Pakistani Rupee, Here’re Today Rates

Pakistani Rupee continues to follow the declining trajectory against the US Dollar after the interim government has taken over. Following the rupee depreciation, the prices of fuel and gold have also been impacted.

As per the statistics and figures for 16th August, the Pakistani Rupee further declined by Rs. 3.42 against the dollar, observing a 1.16% depreciation. The dollar faced a massive surge and settled at Rs. 294.93 in the interbank market today. Yesterday, the domestic currency reached its weakest level since 11th May against the dollar, hitting Rs. 291.51.

The rates in the open market also fluctuated, the Pakistani rupee decreased by 2.50 rupees for both buying and selling against US Dollar, settling at Rs. 299.50 and Rs. 302.50, respectively.

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