Tuesday, June 18, 2024

US Govt Had Full Access to Twitter Private Message: Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the founder, and CEO of Twitter, claimed in a recent interview that the U.S. government has full access to Twitter users’ private conversations.

Musk made the shocking claims in an in-depth interview with Fox News Tucker Carlson. He also mentioned how shocked he was to hear that the government had complete access to private chats on the platform.

It “blew my mind” how much access the government had to anything that was stated on Twitter, according to Musk. “I had no idea about that.”

The multibillionaire businessman admitted to Carlson that he was ignorant of the truth before joining the organization and expressed amazement at the extent to which governmental organizations could track social media.

In light of the development of ChatGPT and other AI-powered bots that have shown human-like skills to conceive concepts and copy language, Musk has also been outspoken about the alleged hazards of the rapid evolution of AI.

The Financial Times reported last week that Musk is assembling a group of engineers to work on a project that would compete with ChatGPT and its maker, Silicon Valley unicorn OpenAI. The initiative will be a generative AI project.

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