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Useful Tips to Avoid Dehydration During Summer Fasting

Ramadan has been coming in Pakistan during the summer for the last several years, due to the increase in the intensity of heat.

The thirst of the fasting person and lack of water in the body becomes weak, which is very important for timely treatment.

According to medical experts, sweat is released from the human body more quickly and frequently than on normal days in the summer, due to which the salts present in the body start decreasing.

According to nutritionists, the total amount of water in a woman’s body is 38 to 45 liters and in a man’s body is 42 to 48 liters.

Although it is not easy to keep the body hydrated in Ramadan, but thirst can be overcome in this situation.

The standard recommendation by physicians to prevent thirst and dehydration are as follows:

Drink Coconut Water

It is rich in natural ingredients and contains a certain amount of salt, coconut water is a great drink, which restores energy along with delicious taste.

Proper Diet in Iftar

The lack of water in the body can also be met by the use of good and proper food in Iftar and thirst can be avoided by avoiding poultry foods.

Excessive Use of Water

The best way to avoid dehydration during summer fasting is to drink one to two glasses of water every hour after iftar.

It is better if this amount of water reaches three liters, as well as avoid the use of cold drinks and substandard juices.

Use of Cucumber in Sehri

The highest amount of water is found in cucumber, if cucumber is eaten as a salad in Sehri, then it keeps water in the cells of the body.

Regular Use of Yogurt

Highly suitable for summer, protein and other nutritious yogurt satiates your hunger and helps keep you away from salty, high-calorie foods.

It also contains probiotics that keep the digestive system healthy.

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