Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Vertical, Cola Next & Scents n Stories Join K2preneur to Promote Entrepreneurship

K2preneur, the groundbreaking expedition to K2 Base Camp led by Devsinc CEO Usman Asif, is thrilled to announce a powerful collaboration with three prominent Pakistani brands: The Vertical, Cola Next, and Scents n Stories. This partnership reinforces the expedition’s commitment to empowering Pakistani entrepreneurs while showcasing the nation’s stunning landscapes.

The Vertical, a leading platform fostering entrepreneurship in Pakistan, will offer invaluable mentorship and resources to the participants of K2preneur, enhancing their entrepreneurial journey. Cola Next, a popular beverage brand, will energize the adventurers as they embark on this challenging endeavor. Scents n Stories, a fragrance brand celebrating Pakistan’s rich heritage, will add a touch of cultural elegance to the expedition.

Startup Pakistan, Discover Pakistan, LAAM, and Trax are also official partners for K2preneur, further solidifying the expedition’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurship and showcasing Pakistan’s natural beauty.

Together, these brands will play an integral role in the success of K2preneur, an expedition that will take 10 top Pakistani entrepreneurs and 4 foreign influencers on a 15-day journey to K2 Base Camp, blending adventure with intensive mentoring sessions. The application deadline for aspiring entrepreneurs to join K2preneur is June 25, 2024

Aspiring entrepreneurs have until June 25th, 2024 to seize this extraordinary opportunity and apply for K2preneur at  

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