Friday, December 8, 2023

Virat Kholi Declares Babar Azam the ‘Best Batsman in the World’

“Likely, right now the top batsman all across the world in all formats”, Virat Kholi, the former Indian captain and superstar batsman praised Babar Azam, Pakistan skipper.

Kholi commented on Azam’s performance that he has consistency and has amazing talent, he always enjoyed watching him being on pitch.

Recalling the memory and the first meetup with him at World Cup 2019, he gained a lot of regards and respect from Azam from the day one and its same from then.

He added further, that he haven’t seen his attitude approach changing towards him, which indicated a good sign of someone who is very rooted in the foundations of his upbringing and his cricketing base is also very strong.

He stated further that players such as Babar Azam go long way and is an inspiration for many.

Furthermore, he congratulated him for his outstanding performance and told him that it’s amazing to watch him playing and wished him all the best.

He referred to his interaction with Babar recently in Dubai, where they exchanged the warm greetings of much awaited India vs Pakistan clash at the Asia Cup on August 28.

He complemented that Azam deserved all of this and cricketer like him keep the world cricket exciting.

Earlier, Azam had expressed support for Kohli and told him that rough patch he gone through at the time would be temporary. However, this encouraging message enlightened the criticism of Indian cricketer’s recent bad performance.

Meanwhile, he got questioned for the upcoming clash in Asia Cup, upon he said that he wouldn’t run away from the fact that the atmosphere on the outside is way difficult if we compare it to any other game but this doesn’t have to be a world cup game.

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