Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Vivo Launches OriginOS at 2020 Developer Conference

This week at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, Vivo organized the 2020 Developer Conference. A new operating system, called OriginOS has been unveiled by the world’s leading smartphone maker, sharing its strategic approach to goods and services, the environment, and being a bridge between consumers and the digital world.

Shi Yujian, Senior Vice-President of vivo, at the event said the organization is retracing its origins as its business plan for the future to concentrate on the sources of core consumer needs. He set out a three-pronged approach, focusing on consumer-attractive goods and services, a collaborative environment that encourages developers’ shared benefits, and eventually being the bridge between consumers and the digital world.

In recent years, through a full product line layout, vivo has represented various customer groups comprehensively. With diversified products, including smartphones, smartwatches and wireless earphones, in the face of the evolving needs of customers, vivo has improved its offerings. To provide a holistic multi-screen immersive experience for consumers, vivo has also partnered with TV, PC, and vehicle brands. Vivo will continue to create AR glasses and other additional intelligent deviations in the future.

It is not possible to distinguish the continuous enhancement of customer experiences from the collaborative efforts of vivo and its partners. To accomplish greater win-win scenarios, vivo has facilitated deeper integration into the digital environment and developed an ecological system of applications, material, and services. Vivo has also put forward a set of concrete steps to motivate developers, upgrade the app and technological capabilities to reinforce the bridge that will connect users to the digital world.

Vivo also introduced OriginOS at the 2020 Vivo Developer Conference, a new Android operating system that provides an assortment of original features coupled with numerous customization options, further demonstrating its strategy of creating consumer-moving products and services.

The smoothness of OriginOS was seen at the event, flaunting a series of comprehensive software updates that enable users to easily run complex multi-faceted processes on their vivo computer, assimilating all aspects of their daily lives. OriginOS is equipped with an integrated desktop information management system that provides users with the services they want on a regular basis with ease and clarification. Vivo partner developers will use this newfound flexibility inside the mobile infrastructure to build original scenarios for efficient use and enable a large community of common users to solve problems.

Vivo also provided its latest update and strategy on application services, mobile games, business collaborations, advancement of open technology and the IoT ecosystem at the event.

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