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Vivo’s First Manufacturing Plant Set in Pakistan

Vivo, one of the leading global technology companies, has recently announced its first production base in Pakistan. The company’s extensive product line of smartphone and smartphone accessories will now be produced locally in Pakistan.

Vivo’s strategy of ‘More Local, More Global’ was created in 2014; however, now it is expected to successfully grow in Pakistan as the brand has already captured a huge market in the country; however, this initiative is also marked as the 6th intelligent production plant for the development of the brand globally.

The manufacturing plant of the company is set in the Industrial Estate of Faisalabad. Vivo has invested around 10 Million US Dollars in order to strengthen its production and footprint in the country. This domestic setup of production base is aligned with an initiative of ‘Made in Pakistan.’

Made in Pakistan products of Vivo will not only help the economy to grow more; however, it will also create employment for the local workforce and will also empower the global brands to start their local manufacturing in Pakistan.

Eight assembly lines facility is already operational in Pakistan; Moreover, as of February 2021, the first batch of ‘Made-in-Pakistan’ mobile phones has already been manufactured.

Vivo has been a Chinese technology that has not only created its production base in Pakistan, but it has its various manufacturing plants in other countries around the world. Local expansion of business production base helps to get a competitive edge over manufacturing capacity, transportation, and customs costs for millions of products produced each year.

Eric Kong, CEO of Vivo Pakistan, stated that “Pakistan is becoming an increasingly favorable destination for local manufacturing hubs; however, our decision to set up this local manufacturing plant in Pakistan is not just our approach to enrich users’ lives with high-quality, homegrown technologies but also to empower the local workforce with more opportunities.”

According to the statistics, 3.3 million demands for smartphones are recorded on a monthly basis locally in Pakistan. Moreover, this new production facility has a capacity to produce 500,000 units of smartphones on 4 acres of area.

Vivo’s strategy is also to bring the latest and advanced technology to Pakistan through their products, and the production of high-tech smartphones will help the country to grow more with increasing sales of the products.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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