Thursday, April 18, 2024

Volkswagen and Microsoft Collaborate to Develop Self-Driving Cars

The Volkswagen Group has added another brick to the self-driving car software wall. The German automaker has confirmed a new collaboration with Microsoft to develop a dedicated cloud-based platform for potential self-driving cars. The agreement builds on a previous collaboration in which VW used Microsoft’s automotive cloud to link its vehicles in 2018.

Whatever technologies emerge from the Volkswagen Group’s Car. Software subsidiary, which is focused on developing digital technologies for the group’s many brands, Microsoft’s Azure platform can help them come to life.

The ultimate aim is to build an autonomous driving network based on the technology of the American company. Working more closely with Microsoft will increase productivity and simplify the software development process, as per VW.

On the other hand, VW intends to spend more than $32 billion in the “digitalization” of the automobile by 2025. This will include a large amount of technologies built in-house by the automaker, as well as potential driver assistance and active safety systems.

By 2022, production Volkswagen vehicles will be interacting with the automaker’s cloud division, thanks to Microsoft’s muscle, and this will undoubtedly lead to even more streamlined and regular over-the-air updates for future vehicles. OTA notifications, made famous by Tesla, are becoming more and more popular in the automotive industry.

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