Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wahab Riaz Inaugurates Cricket High Performance Center in Sialkot

Wahab Riaz, who is a sports advisor to CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, recently opened a cricket high-performance center in Sialkot. He shared pictures of the center on Twitter and mentioned that it is equipped with modern amenities and facilities for cricket training, coaching, and accommodation. The project cost around Rs 1 billion and was inaugurated in the presence of DG Sports Punjab, DC Sialkot, and Sialkot Chamber officials.

Wahab Riaz has been actively involved in sports activities since he took on the role of provincial sports advisor. He organized the first-ever Ramadan ul Mubarak Sports Series, which included events like badminton, hockey, cricket (tape ball), football, kabaddi, and table tennis. He also visited various sports grounds in the province and supervised the improvement of cricket, hockey, and football facilities.

Wahab Riaz has also announced the hosting of a summer camp starting from June 12. The purpose of the camp is to promote sports and healthy activities, and it is specifically designed for children under the age of 8 and 14. The camp offers coaching in 14 different sports disciplines along with the necessary equipment. Wahab Riaz encourages parents to take advantage of this opportunity and have a productive summer break.

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