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Wahyd: The Technology Enabler – Change with a Practical Approach

As Simon Sinek famously said, ‘It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it’ that determines the extent of your vision. At Wahyd Logistics, we firmly believe that optimal use of technology can change lives for the better. This belief is what binds us to our stakeholders; be it the businesses we serve through our products, the employees who work with us to ensure we deliver value and whose lives we aim to improve as we grow, or our shareholders whose investments grow as we grow our footprint in terms of presence, customers, product offering and revenue.

The last few decades have witnessed immense value creation in the tech space. By virtue of solving problems using disruptive technology, the sector has created millions of jobs worldwide and opened doors for businesses like never before, purely because they can focus on doing what they do best.

The logistics space globally faces challenges and inefficiencies like most traditional businesses, and Pakistan is no exception. Among other challenges, businesses in Pakistan face a major disconnect and lack of formalized relationships between various parts of the freight movement ecosystem. Wahyd Logistics aims to solve this problem by virtue of connecting the large trucking ecosystem to businesses of all sizes and forms through cutting edge technology that will transform the logistics landscape of the country.

Wahyd Logistics didn’t come to an understanding of the issues by just reading articles or talking to individuals; we put an entire operations team on the ground. This operations team is running a traditional model as we are very cognizant of the fact that without knowing the current system one cannot bring any improvement or technology related efficiency to it. Not understanding the intricacies of a business is a common blind spot for a lot of technology related companies and the cause of their failure. This is why we call ourselves technology enablers, as we bring change with a practical approach.

With this firsthand knowledge we are making an effort to make it easier for businesses of all sizes and industries to book trucks at cost effective rates, reliably and in much less time than usual. This enables these businesses to focus on their core. By taking away the hassle of shipping goods, by connecting truckers to shippers, we are not just helping businesses but are also helping to revolutionize the trucking economy. Transporters invest a great deal in vehicles and it is a continuous struggle for them to keep their trucks on the road and busy. By virtue of our platform, Wahyd makes sure that truckers get access to freight transportation opportunities around them at the touch of a button.

In order to do all this and more, we are on a journey to employ the best in class talent from Pakistan and abroad so that our solutions are state of the art and our services are a breath of fresh air.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to move towards digitally enabled, dependable and scalable services at a quick pace and Wahyd Logistics envisions a key role in bringing tech to the logistics landscape.

Currently operating out of multiple cities and managing dispatches NWD, Wahyd Logistics is working to expand its base network further across Pakistan. Wahyd Logistics has onboarded large customers from the coal, steel, appliances, packaging, and textile industries.

The company offers a comprehensive mobile app as well as a web-based platform that offers visibility, flexibility, live-tracking, and an ever-ready technical support team to help businesses with their logistical needs.

The mobile app connects shippers with truckers to help them transport goods. The vehicle types offered through the platform range from Mazda to 22 wheelers.

Features offered to shippers include:

  • Instant quotes by submitting their load details on both the web and mobile app
  • Managing all their orders end-to-end from a single point of contact.
  • Real-time order tracking, monitoring and history for free.

In addition, Wahyd Logistics is also set to launch a trucking marketplace in Pakistan, to bring even more competitive prices for customers with the Wahyd guarantee.

Wahyd Group – Bringing Investment and Job Opportunities to Pakistan

Wahyd Logistics is part of The Wahyd Group. Wahyd Group Inc. is a technology based US Corporation with its principal offices in New York. The company has Wahyd Travel and Wahyd Logistics operations in Pakistan and plans for further expansion internationally. Wahyd Logistics has invested heavily in technology and has an in-house Research and Development team that has developed this platform based on market needs and requirements.

Wahyd Group was formed in 2017 by a combination of seasoned professionals from the fields of Technology, Marketing, Business and Finance.

The founders wanted to create a technology enabled transportation business that takes care of people by simplifying processes. As the founders believe in helping the common man and are involved with various NGO related activities in several countries, this is in sync with their vision in life. Today the company has over 50 employees and over 10,000 contractors.

Wahyd – Working with a strong, ethical and moral framework while achieving its core objective to make lives better.

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