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Washing Machine Price in Pakistan 2023 – Brands, Latest Models and Features

Advancements in technology have changed the way of life tremendously, talking about washing machines: technology has been playing a great role in making life easier. Nowadays, there in the market are a number of decent and affordable washing machine options that can help you do your daily washing chores.

Buying a washing machine can be a hectic job when there are so many sophisticated options present in the market. But you can do this job easily if you know what you need and what features and functions you’re looking for in a washing machine.

Does the capacity of your washing machine matter? Is your washing machine energy efficient? Has your washing been designed according to the new technology? Is your washing machine automatic or semi-automatic? These are the common questions you should think of while selecting a washing machine.

Features of a good washing machine

While selecting a washing machine, you should look for a number of features, technological benefits, eco-friendly and energy-saving functions.

A number of features a good washing machine should compromise of are given below:

  • Memory washing
  • Smart rinsing function
  • Air drying feature
  • Energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reload functions
  • Affordable prices
  • Loading capacity 7k to 10kg

Top Washing Machine Brands in Pakistan

Nowadays, many technologies advanced brands are manufacturing smart and efficient washing machines in the country; some of them are multinational brands while some are performing locally.

A number of bestselling and trusted brands Producing good quality washing machines are listed below.

  • Haier
  • Super Asia
  • Dawlance
  • Kenwood
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Toshiba
  • Orient
  • Hitachi


When it comes to smart and efficient best-selling devices, Haier is a noteworthy and remarkable name in the Pakistani market. Haier is a multinational company operating in several parts of the world producing good quality washing machines for their clients, all with many advanced features.

Haier’s Washing Machine has Anti-bacterial technology, which helps to eliminate bacteria and offers a clean, hygienic washing service. The price of Haier’s Washing Machines is worth the amount and easy on the pocket.

  • Anti-bacterial washing service
  • Energy efficiency
  • Tub Drying feature
  • Self-Clean Technology
  • Dual Spray feature
  • i-refresh
  • Steam Wash
  • Baby Care features

Haier Full Automatic Washing Machine HWM-120-826E

Haier HWM-120826 is a 12kg loading capacity washing machine that comes with a number of features listed below.

  • Soft Closing feature
  • Tub Cleaning option for smart washing
  • Child lock available for child safety
  • Hand Washing feature available
  • Wash/loading capacity :12kg
  • The spin capacity of 12Full Automatic
  • Top Loading Series
  • It comes with an LED Display
  • Tripple wash
  • Pillow drum icon available
  • Tempered glass

HAIER Auto Washing Machine HWM-75-918 7.5 Kg

Haier HWM-75-918 7.5 KG washing machine comes with a stainless-steel inner drum with a loading capacity of 7.5 kilograms.

  • Loading capacity of 7.5 kg
  • Fully automatic washing style
  • 10 years motor warranty
  • Eco-friendly washing
  • Pillow drum feature available
  • Lint filter available
  • Metallic outer cabinets
  • Stainless steel inner drum
  • Child lock available
  • The spinning capacity of 7.5kg
HAIER Auto Washing Machine HWM-75-918 7.5 Kg Price in Pakistan

Haier Automatic Washing Machine HWM150-1789 15 KG

Haier HWM150-1780 15KG is a smart selling washing machine that comes with a loading capacity of a whopping 15kgs and with a fully automatic top loading feature.

  • Hand Washing feature available
  • Pillow Drum feature
  • Eco-friendly washing service
  • Loading capacity of 15 Kg
  • Dual Hand Wash feature available
  • American style operation
  • 08 Programs
  • Ten water levels
  • Full LED Display
  • Memory Backup feature
  • Toughened glass lid
  • Outer cabinet of steel
  • The inner drum of stainless steel


Super Asia is a well-known Pakistan-based technological device manufacturing company with the goal of producing quality and innovatively designed devices along with a quality backup support system.

Super Asia is producing modern and advanced technological devices in the market, comprising of fridges, washing machines, fans, heaters, etc. These washing machines are affordable and technologically advanced.

  • Technologically advanced designs
  • Affordable prices
  • Eco-friendly services
  • Powerful motor setup
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Rustproof designs
  • Shockproof features

Super Asia Speed Wash SA-233

Super Asia SA-233 is a single tub smart washing machine with a wash capacity of 7kgs that comes along with a double-action pulsator for better and efficient washing.

  • Single tub
  • Washing capacity of 7kg
  • Quality performance even when voltage is low
  • Designed with Japanese electrical steel sheet to save electricity consumption
  • Double Action Pulsator for Better Washing Designed with double action pulsator for better and efficient washing
  • High-quality copper wire for low power loss
  • High-quality rust-resistant coated paint
  • Imported pre-painted galvanized manufacturing body for long-lasting life.
Super Asia Speed Wash SA-233 price in Pakistan

Super Asia Grand Wash SA-280

Super Asia SA-280 is a twin tub comprising of a 10kg wash and load capacity along with a 220-voltage performing feature.

  • All in one quality washer and dryer feature
  • Semi-automatic feature
  • Top Loading feature available
  • Freestanding installation for better performance
  • Twin Tub for a quality wash
  • Shock and rustproof plastic body
  • 220 Voltage
  • Wash and load capacity of 10kg
  • Durable door lock and safety cover setup


Dawlance is a Pakistani – Turkish brand providing the market with quality and reliable Technologically advanced devices. Company produces all household electrical devices, i.e., washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioned, etc. Dawlance washing appliances prices in Pakistan are easy on the budget and affordable to common men.

Dawlance is a well-known name in the market and does not need any sugar-coated appreciation for its works.

  • Eco-friendly services
  • Affordable prices
  • Reliable products
  • Smart and technologically advanced designs
  • Good quality manufacturing material
  • Up to date features
  • Smart and efficient products
  • Anti-bacterial Features

Dawlance Fully Automatic DWF-3500HZ

DWF-3500HZ is a 7kg wash and load capacity washing machine with a one-touch operation for easy use. It comes with a 2-step cleaning feature and a digital control technology.

  • Air washing feature which helps clean expensive clothes, i.e., jackets, leather bags, toys, shoes, etc
  • Ozone washing feature
  • One-touch operation features for easy usage
  • Power resumption memory feature to save time and power
  • Supersonic technological advancement for better washing
  • Wash and load capacity of 7kg
  • Child safety lock available
  • Digital control technology for better and efficient use

Dawlance Fully Automatic DWF-3500A

Dawlance fully automatic DWF-3500A washing machine is a one-touch operating washing device with a wash and load capacity of 7kg. It comes with a warm washing feature for better washing service.

  • One-touch operating feature for easy usage
  • Tilt drum feature for client’s comfort and convenience
  • Power resumption memory that helps save power and time
  • Supersonic technological advancement for an efficient washing service
  • Customized washing options
  • 2 step cleaning facility
  • Child safe lock for child safety
  • Wash and load capacity of 7kg
  • Digital controlling technology for effective washing
  • Warm water washing feature for better wash
  • White-colored body
Dawlance DWF 3500 A Look

Dawlance DWF-250WT

Dawlance DWF-250WT washing machine is a single tub washing device that comes along with a 7kg wash and load capacity. It has a tangle-free technological advanced feature to provide a clean and tangle-free wash.

  • One-Touch Wash mechanism for better and easy washing
  • White-colored body for a sophisticated look
  • Child safety mechanism for child safety
  • Wash and load capacity of 7kg
  • Detangling feature for a tangle-free wash
  • Fully automatic mode of operation
  • Noise-free operation feature
  • Single tub for easy and convenient wash
  • Durable and reliable inner body for a long-lasting service
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly operating features


Kenwood is a noteworthy and high-selling home appliances brand comprised of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing appliances, etc.

This company is producing high-quality electrical household devices that are durable and reliable in every field. The prices of Kenwood washing machines are affordable and worth the device.

  • Eco friendly
  • Smart technology
  • Reliable products
  • Smart operating setup
  • Sophisticated designs
  • Power-saving features

Kenwood Double Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine KWM-1012SA

Kenwood KWM-1012SA is a smart washing machine with a 10kg wash and load capacity. It comes along with a noise control feature and double inlets for saving water.

  • Wash and load capacity of 10kg
  • Transparent lid design
  • Plastic outer body
  • Big action pulsator for better washing
  • Noise control feature
  • Water-saving double inlets
  • Motor of 200 Watts
Kenwood Double Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
Kenwood Semi-Automatic Washing Machine KWM-950SA

Kenwood KWM-950SA is a twin tub washing device with a nice 9kg wash and load capacity. It has a full plastic body for rust control.

  • Wash and load capacity of 9kgs
  • Complete plastic body for rust protection
  • Effective action pulsator for quality use
  • Heavy duty and double layer
  • Noise control mechanism
  • Twin tub for better and convenient use
  • Smart operating mechanism

Washing machine Price in Pakistan

Product NamePrice In Pakistan
Haier Full Automatic Washing Machine HWM-120-826ERs. 74,000
HAIER Auto Washing Machine HWM-75-918 7.5 KG₨. 30,500
Haier Automatic Washing Machine HWM150-1789 15 KG₨. 57,000
Super Asia Speed Wash SA-233Rs. 10,700
Super Asia Grand Wash SA-280Rs. 23,499
Dawlance Fully Automatic DWF-3500HZRs. 59,600
Dawlance Fully Automatic DWF-3500ARs. 48,600
Dawlance DWF-250WTRs. 37,499
Kenwood Double Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine KWM-1012SARs. 15,190
Kenwood Semi-Automatic Washing Machine KWM-950SARs. 13,599


Selecting a perfect washing machine can be a tough job as there are scores of companies selling technologically advanced devices to help you do perfect and efficient laundry. You can accomplish this job by doing research and making sure that you know what you want, i.e., what features and functions you’re looking for in a washing machine.

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