Monday, February 26, 2024

Watch: Mohammad Rizwan’s Controversial Dismissal in Melbourne Test

During the second Test match between Pakistan and Australia in Melbourne, there was a controversial moment when Mohammad Rizwan got dismissed. This happened in the 61st over of Pakistan’s second innings when the Australian captain, Pat Cummins, appealed for a caught behind.

Initially, the on-field umpire said no, but Cummins decided to challenge the decision and asked for a review, suspecting that Rizwan might have touched the ball with his glove.

Upon reviewing, the third umpire looked at different camera angles and saw a spike on the technology as the ball passed Rizwan’s wristband. This led to a change in the original decision, and Rizwan was given out.

However, the hotspot technology, which usually shows heat marks when the ball touches something, didn’t display any mark when Rizwan turned away from the ball.

Despite the technology not providing a clear indication, Rizwan, who was batting at 35 runs, left the field looking surprised and unconvinced that he had actually made contact with the ball. This incident occurred as Pakistan was chasing victory with a 98-run gap to bridge in their second innings.

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