Thursday, November 30, 2023

Watch Video: Customs Officer Sacked after Being Caught Demanding Bribe from Passenger

A customs officer named Imran was suspended from his job after a video of him asking a passenger for a bribe went viral. In the video, Imran can be seen demanding $100 from a passenger who was traveling to Canada with $9,500. He threatened to take all the money if the passenger refused to pay.

According to customs laws, passengers are not allowed to carry $9,500 when traveling abroad.

The video gained a lot of attention online, and in response, the deputy collector of customs took action and suspended the officer. The officer was told to report to the headquarters during the investigation.

In a separate incident in Karachi, two customs department workers named Younus and Khalid were arrested by the police for selling liquor that was seized by their department. The police found 83 bottles of imported liquor in their possession.

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