Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Watch Video: Man Paid Over Rs. 6 Million to Become Dog Takes First Walk Outside

According to the New York Post, there is a Japanese man named Toco who always dreamed of becoming a dog. To fulfill this dream, he spent a lot of money, about two million Yen (around A$22,000), on a special and incredibly realistic collie costume – his favorite breed of dog.

Toco has a YouTube channel with over 30,000 subscribers where he shares updates and videos. In these videos, he can be seen playing in his backyard, doing tricks, and getting treats while wearing the collie costume.

Recently, he took a big step and went outside in public for the first time as a dog. There’s a video where he’s taken for a walk on a leash, sniffs at other dogs in a park, and rolls around on the ground.

People and other dogs seemed to enjoy his presence during the walk, but it’s unclear if they knew he wasn’t a real dog. Toco keeps his identity a secret because he doesn’t want people he knows to judge him for his unusual hobby. He’s afraid his friends and family might think he’s weird.

To turn his dream into reality, Toco asked a professional agency called Zeppet to create the collie costume for him. It took them 40 days to make it. Despite feeling nervous and scared during his first walk outside, Toco is happy to have fulfilled his childhood dream of being an animal.

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