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Wayhd Logistics Ecosystem Empowering Shippers& Transporters

With a population exceeding 210 million, Pakistan is the 6th most populous nation in the world and is a key player in the global third-party logistics industry, with over half million registered trucks and vast number of transporters.

However, there are major gaps when it comes to shipping and logistics in Pakistan. For example, Pakistani truckers find it difficult to find shippers for their goods because they have lacked access to a marketplace where they can connect with them. This means that many drivers have idle time on their hands while waiting for orders or opportunities.

What’s more, this also means that shippers often don’t know how much freight capacity is available at any given point in time which slows down deliveries and makes planning shipments complicated.

Wahyd Logistics launched Pakistan’s first-ever digitally-enabled logistics marketplace on 14 August 2021 using which transporters can market themselves as well as search for prospective customers without having to go through multiple intermediaries. This helps them save time and money which in turn benefits the shippers they serve as well.

The Problem

The traditional model of logistics has several issues and inefficiencies that would hinder the industry from reaching its full potential. The customer must look for transporters to interact with them, and that without any way to know how reputable they are. Customer-transporter relationships are short-term by default and require effort to maintain. The order process is hand-over-and-hope-for-the-best; there is little insight into what is going on with any shipment beyond that which the logistics company itself provides. Transporters also have a hard time finding customers that are reasonable and trustworthy.

The Wahyd Logistics Ecosystem

Wahyd Logistics logistics marketplace is helping connect transporters with shippers in Pakistan. It allows you to connect withthousands of transporterswithyour requested price for your shipment. Your request will be sent to the nearest available transporter who can offer you the best price and service to suits your requirements.

It is a one-stop-shop for everyone involved in the freight business. Transporters save time and money by being able to find customers quickly, while shippers get access to vetted transporters who have been rated on their performance so they know exactly what kind of service to expect from them. With Wahyd Logistics trucking marketplace, you can get a quote in just minutes and book your shipment hassle-free.

Shippers can also see the real-time location of trucks carrying their freight which enables them to track where their  goods are and how far away they are from reaching their destination, so they may plan accordingly.

Shippers won’t have to worry about their shipments anymore because Wahyd Logistics logistics marketplace gives them a peace of mind with all the information at their fingertips!

The Future

Wahyd Logistics is working towards revolutionizing logistics in Pakistan while making it more cost-effective, convenient, and efficient for everyone involved. They have built an ecosystem of supply chain players which includes freight forwarders, truck drivers, and transporters that help connect the demand for transportation services with available capacity in a transparent manner.

Wahyd Logistics is working to fix Pakistan’s logistics woes by bringing all stakeholders on one platform in order to offer exceptional services while enhancing transparency, convenience, and security for everyone involved.

Wahyd Logistics has also launched a loyalty program specially tailored for transporters in which transporters who fulfill a minimum of two orders per week by bidding would be eligible to win great rewards including transportation vehicles!

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