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WBM Smart: Pakistan’s No.1 Home Automation Company with the Leading Innovation in Technology

This Year, 2022: “WBM Smart officially launches the Future of Smart and Connected Home at PSL 7.

WBM Smart Home Automation a globally recognized USA-based brand officially launches in PSL 2022.The brand is headquartered in Flemington, New Jersey. WBM Smart is a daughter brand of WBM Group that across its global success in more than 27+ countries. The brand was established 25 years ago from the Himalayan Pink Salt. Initially, Pink Salt was brought to the consumer market to highlight its benefits. The brand’s slogan ‘Smart Life, Smart Living’ indicates innovative technology in smart devices for homes.WBM marked a great success in Europe, China, the US, and other 100+ countries. WBM Smart now shifted to Pakistan to make a better living place and mark its presence well in the market.WBM Smart is the ‘World’s No.1 Home Automation Company’ that completely smooths the lives of the people.

WBM Smart focuses on Research & Development. The main focus is on the manufacturing of innovative smart devices.The brand has 2 major principles – “Quality is our Passion with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee”with complete satisfaction over the quality-guaranteed products and the services.

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Over the years, WBM Smart started its journey from the Pink Salt that was first brought to the American consumer that led to China playing smartly with innovative technology. Over the last years, with the innovation in technology with time, people are continuously striving to make this a faster and better living place. In China for the very first time, Pink Salt Lamps were introduced in the international market of retailers.

After the market of Salt Lamps, the next step was the branding and the development of the innovative technology of Smart Devices. The brands hold the expertise of the technologists for going to the smart technology with a wide range of kitchen appliances, home appliances, lighting, and safety & security systems. The brand drives the mission to provide wonderful consumer electronics products for your home that create a linkage to smart applications. It maximizes the use of smart technology in home electronics. At CES 2019, the WBM Smart brand was exhibited with the new technology products. The brand won the different award-winning designs of smart technology. In CES, 2019, “Ultra Short-Throw Projection TV”was awarded for the ‘Best Space-Saving Design.’ In CES 2020, after the projection TV success, “Percussion Massage Gunwas awarded for the ‘Time-Saving Design.’

“The brand drives edge-cutting smart technology in the smart home devices. The No.1 Home Automation Company is the Global AI and IOT Platform for Smart Devices”, says CEO, WBM Smart.

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WBM Smart holds international recognition. The major categories include Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Safety & Security, and Lighting Systems.

WBM Smart is the Pakistan No.1 Company that provides a ‘Complete Home Automation Solution’ based on the Internet of Things (IOT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It works both the installation and the automation of smart products. WBM Smart has a high-grade security system of blockchain programming. The brand aims to create a single-click solution that would communicate with all parts of your home. Whether, you are in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, or outside your home.

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WBM Smart Lighting Systemsholds a variety of strip lights, salt bulbs, holiday lights, selenite lamps, salt crystal lamps, moonlights, LED bulbs, table lamps. The brand keeps the aim of innovative and trendy lighting systems in its product range. WBM Smart has been awarded for the “Leading brand in the Lighting Industry”in the world. The brand has a range of selenite, salts bulbs, salt lamps. All are carved with Pink Salt, giving your home a natural and unique look. Besides this, WBM Smart also has a range of outdoor solar lights and UV lamps that makes the consumer shift towards energy-efficient energy sources. Recalling history, Pink Salt is the main contributor. The brand shifts keenly from salt to smart in the international market.

“Our brand focuses on the quality of the products. There is not a single product where we compromise the quality, keeping energy-efficient sources as the top priority”, says CEO, WBM Smart.

The Kitchen and Home Appliancesrange by WBM Smart has a complete solution provider that includes smart appliances for the bedroom, kitchen and living room. The range includes wireless control smart appliances for your home. Getting down all the convenient kitchen and home appliances that are based on smart technology. These smart appliances bring convenience to your everyday life so, you can focus more than smart, and simple life matters. Ask Alexa to turn on the Vacuum Robot Cleaner, Smart Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, and Smart Range Hood.

“Make your life simple, smart, secure, and easier with the AI and IOT smart technology for your smart connected home”, he says.

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WBM Smart Safety & Security – a smart technology product range stands out well in the market holding security cameras, locks, and sensors. The brand keeps in mind that security and safety is everyone’s priority. Smart door locks, smart cameras, and smart sensors keep a close look on your home for security purposes. The brand ensures the safety of your home with these smart safety devices. The brand further elaborates on the end-consumers about sensors. Imagine that you get a notification on your smartphone when someone enters your home. Build a safe and secure home for your children. Protect yourself and your loved ones that make life simpler and safe.

“Safety and Security Sensors by WBM Smart are equipped with smart incorporation for the safety point of view. You can detect the motion and receive alerts immediately when someone enters the home. These are countless sensors for home security”, he further elaborates.

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All the smart devices are controlled by a single WBM Smart application with all the connectivity with a single click. The brand globally complies with the International Standards of Quality. All the smart range of products are ES and UL-certified. We collaborate with the global retailers of the world. A few ones include Amazon, Walgreens, Kroger, Target, Carrefour, Metro, Costco, Home Goods, Wayfair, Meijer, KOHL’S, Walmart, BED BATH & BEYOND, and so on.

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Complete home automation for the safety, efficiency, security, smart appliances all under the one roof of WBM Smart. A dream of making your smart home a reality. Control your home with smart technology and keep your home interconnected.

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