Monday, April 15, 2024

We will Conduct 9000 Matches in Four Months, Chairman PCB Mohsin Naqvi

During a press conference held at the National Stadium Karachi, the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mohsin Naqvi, unveiled an ambitious plan to organize a staggering 9,000 cricket matches over the span of the next four months.

This initiative marks a significant increase from the 2,700 domestic matches arranged in the preceding year, reflecting the PCB’s dedication to fostering cricket at various levels within the country.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of promoting school cricket, Naqvi reiterated the PCB’s commitment to nurturing talent from grassroots levels.

By expanding the number of matches, the PCB aims to provide more opportunities for aspiring cricketers to showcase their skills and potentially rise through the ranks of the cricketing circuit.

Addressing inquiries regarding the highly anticipated Champions Trophy 2025, Naqvi exuded confidence in Pakistan’s capability to host the prestigious tournament.

Affirming that the event would indeed take place in Pakistan, he expressed optimism and prayed for its successful execution in the country.

Naqvi categorically stated that there were no intentions of relocating the Trophy to any other nation or adopting a hybrid model for its conduct.

In a bid to ensure optimal playing conditions for the multitude of matches planned, Naqvi disclosed plans to import soil from cricketing powerhouses like England and Australia to prepare the pitches.

This strategic move underscores the PCB’s commitment to maintaining world-class facilities for cricket matches across Pakistan.

Responding to queries regarding the captaincy of the national cricket team, Naqvi reiterated the PCB’s stance of entrusting such decisions to the selection committee.

Stressing the importance of autonomy for the selection committee, Naqvi underscored the need to shield their decision-making process from undue influence, thereby upholding accountability and transparency within the cricketing hierarchy.

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