Sunday, June 4, 2023

What Happens Inside the Brain at the Time of Death? A New Discovery by Scientists.

When transitioning from death to life, different people experience various things. different feel the presence of their loved ones, while others see their body floating in the air.

These are the experiences that these patients have spoken about.

But now, researchers have described what transpires in the brain just before death.

A study by the University of Michigan in the US discovered that ‘conscious brain activity’ is activated in the brains of dying patients.

The researchers said that what happens in the brain during death was not clear until now.

The study used data from 4 patients who died in the hospital.

An EEG machine was used to monitor the brain at the moment of death.

When all four patients were comatose and incapable of being operated on, life support was turned off with the families’ consent, and the patients’ deaths followed.

Data on these patients’ brain activity were analyzed from the moment life support was turned off until their deaths.

The findings demonstrated that when the ventilator was turned off, 2 patients’ hearts beat faster and their brains’ gamma wave activity increased.

The quickest brain activity, known as gamma waves, is linked to awareness.

According to the research, these patients were ‘awakened’ inside.

These actions were seen in the area of the brain connected to conscious thought.

This region is also thought to be the origin of dreams and other types of mental states.

The heart rate and brain activity were unaltered in the other 2 patients.

According to the experts, it is impossible to make any firm conclusions at this time. It’s possible that these patients’ memories of the past have surfaced because their consciousness has been engaged, or it might be a brain defense mechanism. Know.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences released the study’s findings.

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