Monday, April 15, 2024

WhatsApp launches video and voice call features for desktop users

The functionality has been confirmed to be slowly rolling out to some web users. Several users went to Twitter to post a new feature screenshot.

Wabetainfo confirmed that in the chat header on WhatsApp Desktop, some users have spotted Beta Voice and Video Calls because the functionality is being slowly rolled out.

WhatsApp is carrying out beta calls for particular users, but it is unfortunately open to very few people as a beta product. We hope you’re lucky, but don’t worry if it doesn’t: more users receive the activation every day, and WhatsApp Desktop has a higher priority at present, the Wabetainfo reads.

The feature will allow WhatsApp Web users to directly make phone and video calls through the web app. The features will function in the same way as the smartphone WhatsApp voice and video call keys.

A notification will pop up when users receive a request on the network, allowing users to accept or reject the call.

In addition, community voice and video calls are also allowed, although WhatsApp would probably have to stick to the eight-person cap.

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