Tuesday, June 6, 2023

WhatsApp Rolls Out 2 New Features for Users

WhatsApp has been constantly updating the app and introducing new features. Recently two new features of captions and polls were introduced which have been updated now.


The feature of adding polls in group chat enabled users to plan immediately, but now the voting can be done only once, bringing clarity of decisions. However, you must turn off the ‘enable multiple answers’ button.

If the group chat has a lot of messages that polls get lost, you can search it immediately just like filtering text. Just click on the search and type ‘poll’. In addition, the person who created the poll will get notifications of voting as well.


The feature of adding captions to images, chats, or videos while forwarding was recently added. Now users can add captions to the documents as well. Whether it’s a word document, pdf, or journal article, you can add captions to each of them while sending.

Another new update allows you to save messages in quick chats by pinning it. Hold the text and select ‘pin’ option. However, remember that the sender will get a notification and has the authority of letting you pin it or not.

These updates will be available in a few weeks to users.

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