Tuesday, June 18, 2024

WhatsApp to Replace the Archived Chats with “Read Later”

WhatsApp that is now owned by Facebook is working on its new feature that would revamp their archived chats option that is used currently. The update will soon replace the option of Archive inbox as the “Read later” section.

The featured blog by the WhatsApp says that when any chat is added in the archive, user does not receive any notifications from it just because all the archived chats will automatically be muted, for reducing the interruptions.

It means that once a chat is just added to “Read later” section, it will directly go into another separate inbox just like the Archived chats; however, it will forever be muted. This option will allow you to move the unwanted chats in your WhatsApp just out of the way as not have them interrupt with the notifications also. Obviously, you can still check your ‘Read Later’ section chats anytime later.

Moreover, you can easily configure your Read later section like the inbox to send the chats back on the main screen as in front when they get you the new messages or you can also keep them muted. This feature is still under the development process and there are no details on when it will publicly rollout. So, wait till the next update and stay tuned!

Mehjabeen Qasim
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