Saturday, July 13, 2024

When Charlie Chaplin Received His Honorary Oscar, He Got 12 Minute Standing Ovation, The Longest in Oscar History

Charlie Chaplin got the Lifetime Achievement Award for his legendary career at the 44th Academy Awards presentation.

As soon as Chaplin’s name was uttered, the audience immediately displayed their deep admiration for him: everyone stood for a continuous 12 minutes, leaving Chaplin absolutely stunned and in amazement of such affection.

Chaplin, in his emotions, said: “I greatly appreciate it. As I’m experiencing strong emotions right now, words seem pointless and weak. I can only express my gratitude for the privilege of being invited here.”

The greatest artists are those who have devoted their entire lives to the arts because they are the ones who are able to connect with their humanity the best. Chaplin embodies this in his humility. Chaplin’s illustrious career is built on a profound passion that endures through time.

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