Monday, July 15, 2024

Why did Submarine Go Missing Despite Modern Systems?

According to reports, submarine Titan, which has disappeared in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, has seven backup systems to return to the surface, one of which has been built in such a way that even if everyone on the submarine becomes unconscious, it brings them back to the sea level.

An American TV journalist who boarded Titan last year said that two systems have been used to communicate in the submarine, under which text messages are received by the boat or ship on the surface.

And the other are safety sounds or signals emitted every 15 minutes and indicate that the submarine is doing the right thing.

Five people were on board the submarine that went missing on Sunday night.

According to foreign media, these two systems stopped about an hour and 45 minutes after Titan went into the sea level.

The American journalist says that two things can happen, either all the power has been cut off as soon as the submarine goes into the sea or it has exploded due to some fault or pressure and all these things are very dangerous and sad.

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