WIBCON – A Learning Festival Welcomes Female Students, Homemakers, Entrepreneurs, and Working Women for the First Time Ever!


Pakistan Society for Training and Development proudly announces that WIBCON | RISing – A mega learning festival will be happening on 24th April 2024 at Pearl-Continental Hotel Karachi. The event is breaking new ground this year by extending its invitation beyond the corporate world. For the first time ever, WIBCON opens its doors to a diverse audience, including homemakers, students, entrepreneurs, and of course, working women.

Through various workshops and activities, the aim is to empower these women in their daily lives, inspire them to dream, and equip them with the right mindset and skills to achieve their goals.


The best part – the entry is FREE for homemakers & non-corporate attendees! Make sure to grab your ticket before seats run out by registering here ➠ https://bit.ly/3THgoX1

WIBCON is one of the many effective initiatives of the Pakistan Society for Training and Development (PSTD). What started sixteen years ago, as a corporate conference to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, has now evolved into a learning festival for corporates AND aspiring women from all walks of life under the theme, ‘RISing’ – a woman’s journey of self-discovery and growth.

Listen to Rise

Through their keynote speakers, and panel discussions featuring successful and empowered women, WIBCON “RISing” will create opportunities for women to receive guidance and inspiration, igniting their own personal rise, by invoking the feeling “if they can do it, so can we!”

Learn to Rise

Through self-reflection workshops, women can explore their inner strengths, passions, and aspirations while conducting skill-building sessions by experts to address the unique needs of homemakers, students, working women, and HR professionals, on topics such as:

  • Saving and Investment to Achieve Goals (financial literacy)
  • Growth Strategies for New Businesses
  • Mental Well-being for Women
  • Executive Presence for Potential Leaders
  • Inclusive Environments for Women at Work

Meet to Rise

By fostering an environment where women can come together, share their stories, and support each other, WIBCON “RISing” creates opportunities for meaningful connections to occur, creating a support system and allowing women to rise collectively.

In Summary: Taking You from Inspiration to Action

To conclude, WIBCON features a diverse range of sessions tailored to the needs and interests of its attendees. From skill-building workshops covering topics such as investment and executive presence to panel discussions addressing mental well-being and key challenges faced by women in the workforce and beyond, there’s something for everyone at WIBCON.

We welcome attendees from all backgrounds. Fill out the form that best applies to you:

➠Homemaker & Non-Corporate Attendees – https://forms.gle/p6ZdNHCNBNnbQ1PA9

➠Corporate Professionals – https://forms.gle/LGhkrEc3fTR5sZtZ9

➠Entrepreneurs (Stall Registration) – https://forms.gle/MEHcAh8rV3rt63dp9



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