Thursday, July 25, 2024

Will Pakistan Vs India High-Voltage Clash be Affected by Rains?

The big match between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup is about to start soon, but there’s a problem – rain might spoil the game. Last week, their match got rained out, and now there’s a chance it could happen again.

The weather forecast says there could be showers in different parts of Sri Lanka, including Colombo, where the match is happening. The chances of rain are pretty high during the game, ranging from 49% to 69%.

If the match can’t finish today, they’ll try again tomorrow, which they’ve kept as a backup day. But even tomorrow, it might rain.

If all the Super 4 matches get rained out, Pakistan might go to the final because they won one game already. Sri Lanka and India would have the same points and the same Net Run Rate, so they might have to flip a coin to decide who goes to the final. Bangladesh wouldn’t have a chance because they lost a Super Four game.

And if the final on September 17 also gets rained out, they might have to share the trophy.

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