Sunday, June 4, 2023

Will Price of Petrol in Pakistan be Reduced by Rs 100 per Liter after Arrival of Russian Oil?

People are speculating about oil coming to Pakistan from Russia, but the most important question that is on the mind of every Pakistani is how will the imported oil affect the high fuel prices?

In a recent interview to VOA, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal answered this question.

When he was asked that the price of petrol, which has reached a record high of Rs 282 per liter, is currently Rs 272 per liter.
So, will Russian oil be reduced by Rs 100 once it arrives in Pakistan?

The federal minister replied in the negative and denied all these speculations.

Ahsan Iqbal said in the interview that ‘there will not be such a big difference up to Rs 100, but the price will definitely be low if a sufficient quantity of Russian oil comes to Pakistan’.

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