Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Offering Tickets for Dh59 from UAE to Oman, Here’s How to Avail

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is offering a limited time offer in which in you can travel to Oman from UAE in only 59 Dirhams. The flight can be booked for two locations in Oman including Salalah and Muscat.


Salalah is a beautiful location in Oman known for its greenery. The weather during summers attracts tourists as it is cooler than many other locations. You can enjoy the serene lush green parks and many sitting places in Salalah on your trip to Oman.

The airline is offering this amazing Dh59 facility from 10th June. This price is for one-way ticket only. You may come back at the same cost if your plan is for 3 – 4 days.


You can also travel to Muscat with Wizz Air Abu Dhabi at 59 Dirhams. Muscat is best destination if you want to explore Omani culture and visit the most popular landmarks of the city. The colorful souks and mementos are a must-visit location in Muscat.

The tourists can travel to Muscat in 59 Dirhams from 18th June to 23rd June.

There may be variations in the rates when you book the flight as the costs have been noted within the last two days. The prices might also surge on addition of further services. The tourists must visit the official website of Wizz Air before booking the flight.

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