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Woman Dies after Falling from Height, While Dancing in the Air with Husband

In China, a woman died while performing in a tragic way, which saddened a large number of people. The woman was on stage with her husband. While doing the dance show, she fell from a terrible height and went to the mouth of death.

According to local reports, “Sun Momo” fell from a terrible height of more than 30 feet. The woman is survived by a son and a daughter.

Video footage taken by the audience showed 37-year-old Chinese actress Sun Momo falling in front of her husband’s eyes in the form of a swing during the show. His partner had failed to catch him by the legs during a dangerous show.

According to Chinese media reports, the dancer succumbed to her injuries while performing in The Haogu District of Suzhou. He was taken to the hospital, but his life could not be saved. “We’ve always been happy together, I can’t reveal any specific details at the moment,” her bereaved husband Zhang Momo said.

Both husband and wife were experienced artists. The two had worked together for many years. However, the woman did not wear the required seat belt to look beautiful. The moment the artist fell, the screams of the spectators were heard. It became clear that something had gone wrong. So shortly after, the show was cancelled.

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