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Woman Leaves $2.8 Million Fortune for Her Cats and Dogs Instead of Children Who Never Visited, Even When She Was ill

In China, an elderly woman named Ms. Liu, residing in Shanghai, has chosen to leave her substantial $2.8 million fortune to her cats and dogs instead of her adult children. The decision stems from a feeling of neglect by her children, who reportedly did not visit her, especially during her times of illness. Ms. Liu found solace and companionship in her pets, prompting her to alter her will in favor of her furry companions.

The inheritance, however, is currently overseen by a local veterinary clinic due to legal restrictions that prevent direct bequests to animals in China. While Ms. Liu expressed a desire to leave her entire estate to her pets, the law does not permit such arrangements. In response to this, officials from the country’s Will Registration Centre headquarters in Beijing suggested alternatives. They mentioned that one approach, similar to Ms. Liu’s current will, is to appoint a trusted individual to supervise the veterinary clinic, ensuring proper care for the pets.

Despite Ms. Liu’s decision, officials alerted her to the potential risks of placing her entire wealth in the hands of the veterinary clinic. They indicated that she could reconsider her will if her children were to change their attitude towards her in the future.

This story has sparked discussions online about family relationships and inheritance practices in China. Some users expressed sympathy for Ms. Liu, understanding the emotional toll that might have led her to exclude her children from her will. Others applauded her decision, stating they would do the same if faced with mistreatment from their own family members.

This isn’t the first instance of pets becoming beneficiaries of substantial inheritances. In 2020, a wealthy businessman in Tennessee left $5 million to his eight-year-old border collie, Lulu. Additionally, the late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen allocated $97,000 of his $31 million fortune to his cherished dogs, Minter, Juice, and Callum in 2010.

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