Friday, April 19, 2024

Woman Visits ATM To Withdraw $20, Finds Out $1BN In Account

On Saturday in Florida, a shocking incident happens as a woman goes to ATM to withdraw $20 but finds out that she has $1BN in her account. 

According to the sources, a lady named ‘Julia Yonkowski’ on the weekend, went to her local Chase Bank to withdraw a small sum of money but before doing that she thinks to check her balance first. And According to the bank receipt she received has mentioned that she had $999,985,855.94 in her account.

“Oh, my God, I was horrified. I know most people would think they won the lottery, but I was horrified. When I put in for the $20, the machine came back and said we will give you the $20 but that will cause an overdraft and you will be charged and I said, ‘Oh just forget it.’” Said the lady.

She was sure that something wrong has happened to her bank account. She was also afraid of cyber-crime, so she contacted Bank Only to find out a completely different story.

The issue was that her account was frozen, and the amount added was a negative, not positive one.

According to the BANK statement on the issue, it was not a positive balance, but a negative balance of about a billion dollars that was included in the list. They explained it is a fraud-prevention technique used to freeze an account, which is why Julia couldn’t withdraw money.

They further said, “Yonkowski’s late husband was a shared owner of the bank account, and they identified it when she tried to use it. People are mandatory to turn over the documentation in a situation such as this to prevent a freeze on a joint bank account”

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