Friday, September 29, 2023

Without The Kaa’ba, The World Might Stop, Revealed American Researcher

According to new research, the world can stop without the Kaaba because the rotation of the earth is due to the tawaf of the Kaaba and prayers.

An Indonesian website has published a report by American professor Lawrence E. Yusaf, based on the report of a collective study of 15 universities on The Ka’bah and the Black Stone installed in it, which states that the world can stop without the Kaaba. If The Muslims leave the Tawaf-e-Kaaba or do not offer prayers, then surely the rotation of our earth will stop because the rotation of the super-conductor centered on the black hole will not scatter electromagnetic waves.

The report further states that the results of research from 15 universities show that The Black Stone is a meteor with a very high amount of metal, which is 23,000 times more than the current steel.

Research has shown that Hajr Aswad is a black superconductor that acts like a microphone that transmits these waves thousands of miles away.

Professor Lawrence Joseph has also written this special note in his research report that Muslims really owe us a great debt that the Tawaf Kaaba and prayers maintain the super conductor for the movement of the earth.

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