Monday, September 25, 2023

World’s First Methane- Fuelled Space Rocket Zhuque-2 Launched

On July 12, China successfully launched a new rocket called Zhuque-2 into space. This was China’s second attempt to reach orbit with the Zhuque-2 rocket. The launch took place at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Inner Mongolia, China. The rocket carried an experimental payload into Earth’s orbit.

What makes this launch significant is that the Zhuque-2 rocket is the world’s first methane-fueled vehicle to achieve orbit. Methane is a type of fuel that is being explored as an alternative to traditional rocket propellants. This successful mission demonstrates China’s progress in using methane as a viable fuel source for space travel.

Additionally, the successful launch by LandSpace, a private Chinese rocket company based in Beijing, is noteworthy. LandSpace becomes the second private Chinese rocket company to achieve a successful launch using a liquid propellant rocket. This highlights the growing involvement of private enterprises in China’s space exploration efforts.

The successful launch of the Zhuque-2 rocket showcases China’s advancements in space technology and its commitment to exploring innovative propulsion systems. By utilizing methane as a fuel, China is exploring greener and more sustainable options for space travel. This achievement also underscores the increasing role of private companies in China’s space industry, fostering competition and innovation in the sector.

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