Monday, February 26, 2024

World’s Largest Electric Cable that can Power 1.4 Million Homes Now just Days Away from Operation

World’s largest electric cable close to power, could light 1.4 million homes A high voltage direct current cable will connect UK homes with fresh green energy from the wind farms of Denmark.

This 475-mile-long cable, developed by the UK’s National Grid and Denmark’s Energinet, aims to share green energy between the two countries.

The Viking Link surpasses the 450-mile North Sea link and will facilitate the exchange of green power based on the electricity generation needs of both nations.

When the UK generates excess green power, it can be exported to partner countries, and vice versa.

The project is expected to enhance energy security, reduce consumer bills, and support the export of zero-carbon electricity globally.

The UK plans to increase its power cable capacity to 25GW by 2025, connecting with countries such as France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, and Belgium.

The initiative reflects a commitment to sustainable energy practices and interconnectivity between nations.

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