Tuesday, April 23, 2024

World’s Largest Floating Book Fair Coming to Dubai, Ticket Priced at Only 15 Dirhams

The ship, which got 5,000 titles on board and sets sail from Basra, Iraq, recently will visit 3 ports around the Emirates.

It will hithe at Ras Al Khaimah Port between 11 April and 16 April, before landing to Dubai’s port Rashid from 18 April to 23 April and finally Abu Dhabi’s Cruise Terminal at Marsa Mina, Port Zayed, from 17 May to 5 June.

The ship is free to board and houses books spanning different genres and subjects, including science, sports, cookery, arts, medicine, languages and faith, along with children’s titles, academic texts, dictionaries and atlases.

“Coming to the UAE is very exciting for us,” Silas Bosch, advance preparation project manager of the Logos Hope, informed the sources.

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