Saturday, May 25, 2024

World’s largest Gold Plated Holy Qur’an Copy worth $35 Million in Making.

According to artist and calligrapher Shahid Rassam, the world’s largest gold-plated copy of the Holy Quran is being prepared.

Calligrapher Shahid Rassam stated at a press briefing at the Karachi Press Club alongside author Anwar Maqsood on the world’s largest gold-plated copy of the Holy Quran that the pages of this copy are two metres long and 2.6 metres wide.

The words have been inscribed on aluminium and gold-plated. Two pages took two years to produce. The project is estimated to be worth $35 million. It will take another two and a half years to create the 550-page edition.

Shahid Rassam requested assistance from the Pakistani government, the Sindh government, and foundations, saying that their assistance would make the process easier. According to Anwar Maqsood, the government should assist in accomplishing this duty. Setting up a museum for display necessitates the usage of space. A documentary on the Holy Quran was also shown at the KPC. In the preparation of the Holy Quran, canvas was utilised instead of paper.

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