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World’s Largest Renewable Energy Park Now In India – 5 Times Larger Than Paris

A once-forgotten airstrip located in the remote region near Pakistan is now on its way to becoming the starting point for one of the world’s largest renewable energy parks. Initially, this airstrip appeared to be an unlikely site for such an ambitious project. With no air traffic control, a portable toilet, and a temporary office, it seemed an unlikely launchpad. However, it has now transformed into the entrance to the vast Khavda renewable energy park, representing forward-thinking and ingenuity in India’s renewable energy landscape.

In December 2022, Gautam Adani, the head of the Adani Group and then the world’s second-richest person, landed at this small airstrip for the first time. The airstrip is surrounded by miles of barren land and doesn’t even have a postal code. The region is named after a village located 80 kilometers away. This harsh, salt-laden terrain has very little vegetation and is sparsely populated. Despite its rugged appearance, the region holds the promise of tremendous renewable energy potential.

A journey of 18 kilometers from the airstrip, through the dusty, dry plains, takes you to the Khavda renewable energy park site. The park spans an impressive 538 square kilometers, which is roughly five times the size of Paris. Though there were initial doubts, Adani recognized the potential of the region due to its exceptional solar radiation—the second-best in the country, after Ladakh—and strong wind speeds that are five times higher than the plains.

This transformation showcases the vision and innovation in India’s quest for renewable energy, as the Khavda park is set to become a major hub for sustainable power generation.

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