Thursday, July 25, 2024

World’s Largest Ruby Gemstone Sells for Record-Breaking $34.8 Million (PKR 9.5 Billion) at Auction

A ruby weighing 55.22 carats recently sold at an auction in New York for $34.8 million (PKR 9.5 Billion). This makes it the largest and most valuable ruby ever sold at an auction.

The gemstone, named Estrela de Fura or Star of Fura, was discovered by Fura Gems in one of their mines in Mozambique. Sotheby’s, the auction house, described the ruby as extremely rare and the most valuable and important one ever seen in the market.

While diamonds usually dominate record gemstone sales, colored rubies are also highly sought-after and considered among the rarest and most valuable gemstones. The previous auction record for a ruby was set in 2015 when the Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59-carat stone found in Myanmar, sold for $30.3 million in Geneva, Switzerland.

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