Monday, June 17, 2024

World’s Largest Sound System Installed in Masjid Al-Haram Having More than 7000 Speakers

With more than 7,000 speakers and more than 120 engineers and technicians working on it, the mosque now boasts the largest sound system in the entire globe.

The Public Affairs Minister installed the most modern sound system in the biggest sound system in the world for Herman Sharifin with the greatest services for ongoing maintenance in the mosque.

The crew of this system, which consists of more than 120 engineers and technicians, regularly works to feed the audio network, sound system, and mosque halls, courtyards, and galleries—even on the sides of the roadways.

More than 7,000 speakers are put in the mosque as part of the system, which runs with the most up-to-date antenna and sensitivity. This system was created utilising contemporary equipment to meet the needs of this location.

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