Friday, December 1, 2023

World’s Largest SUV ‘Hummer,’ as Tall as a Two-Story Building, Hits the Roads

Owned by an Abu Dhabi billionaire, Sheikh Hamad Al-Nahyan, the world’s largest jeep ‘Hummer has hit the road. The mammoth SUV captures attention with its staggering dimensions and its tires towering even above the stature of Shaquille O’Neal.

Operated on four diesel engines, the Hummer houses a two-story apartment in itself. Originating from the Hummer H1 lineage tracing back to the military Humvee, the updated Hummer H1 X3 is three times the magnitude of H1. It boasts an astonishing 6.6 meters in height, 14 meters in length, and 6 meters in width.

The SUV weighs approximately 132,227 pounds. Each wheel receives power from an individual diesel engine, collectively generating an impressive 1000 hp with a top speed of 20 mph. H1X3 is constructed using the framework of a US Army LACR-LX cargo vehicle and features the world’s largest windscreen wipers.

The cockpit is located on the 60-square meter second floor and consists of a unique joystick to control the vehicle. In addition, the driving experience is augmented by the live feeds from the four cameras stationed at each wheel.

Sheikh Hamad Al-Nahyan, known for his recognized assemblage of vehicles, now owns this engineering marvel, Hummer H1 X3.

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