Monday, April 15, 2024

X, Formerly Twitter, Down Again in Pakistan

The popular social media platform X, which was previously known as Twitter, is currently not working for many people in Pakistan.

According to Downdetectordotpk, a website that tracks internet and social media problems in real-time, the outage started around 9 pm. When users try to open X, they see a message saying the site cannot be reached, which means they can’t see any posts or updates.

Downdetector reported that around 185 outages were recorded by 9:01 pm, and this number increased to 239 by 9:24 pm.

This is not the first time Pakistan has faced internet and social media problems. Over the last few months, especially during the general election of 2024, there have been many disruptions.

Last month, people were upset because they couldn’t access various social media platforms like X, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Even Google services and the internet provider PTCL were affected.

It’s worth noting that X had a similar issue on a global scale in May 2023, which caused a lot of frustration for users worldwide.

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