Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Xiaomi to sell Mi 11 without a Charger, confirmed by CEO, Lei Jun

Xiaomi will now be doing the same for its new Mi 11 flagship, despite mocking Apple for not having a charger with the iPhone 12. This move has been officially confirmed by Lei Jun, CEO of the group on Weibo.

Xiaomi gives the same reasons for not including a charger as Apple does. People already have chargers, according to the executive, and it causes an environmental burden to keep making new ones. The company is therefore, cancelling the charger for the Mi 11. It is vague whether this would impact other Xiaomi devices.

One of the companies to ridicule Apple for dropping the iPhone 12 charger was also Samsung. With an ad, the company reminded its customers that chargers will be included with your Galaxy phones, but that ad has now been deleted and there are reports that the Galaxy S21 will not be providing charger.

As for Xiaomi, a short video was tweeted by the company saying that they left nothing out of the box. The video showed a short clip of a box with a charger inside the Mi 10T Pro. The tweet was not removed, but it shows that marketing departments should be informed of potential product decisions within time.

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