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Yamaha Announces 0% Markup Plan for Bikes Again

Yamaha unveiled a 0% markup plan last month, under which buyers could purchase a bike in four monthly instalments with no interest. However, the feature was only offered on a limited number of bikes and in a small number of dealerships.

According to a recent update, the business has reopened its 0% markup instalment service, although only for certain cardholders.
The new promotion is only available to MCB debit or credit cardholders, according to the company’s official social media post, and it lasts for 12 months. The plan is available for all Yamaha bikes. Those interested in availing of the offer can reach out to MCB for further details.

Interesting Timing

This offer surfaced immediately after Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) began teasing the all-new Suzuki GSX125.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) announced the new GSX125 at the 2022 Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) to a warm reception. After the discontinuation of GS150SE, market speculations said that the company may replace it with GSX125. The new bike will compete against the Yamaha YBR125 and the Honda CB125F.

  • It has a 125cc air-cooled single-cylinder petrol engine that produces 10.45 horsepower (hp)
  • 9.2 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque
  • A curb weight of 126 kilograms and a fuel economy of 42 kilometers per liter
  • A return shift pattern and a 5-speed constant-mesh transmission
  • A front disc brake with dual-piston calipers and a rear drum brake
  • Dual inverted fork tubes up front
  • Spring-loaded shock absorbers in the back for suspension.

Furthermore, market speculations suggest that Yamaha has timed its offer right alongside GSX 125’s launch to sway the customers in its favor. Whether or not that will be the case, remains to be seen.

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